We sent a team of top BBC
news reporters back in time
to cover the inspiring events
of the Bible.

Experience the momentous Bible stories as if they are happening right
now, in real time.

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Own the unique collection of 20 15-minute dramatic Bible Newscasts
together with 20 accompanying Program Guides and maps - all for free. Enjoy!

The collection: Twenty 15-minute audio Bible newscasts, on-the-spot reports, studio discussions, biblical maps, program guides with Bible verses. Great for Bible study, individual listening and church groups or classes. Meticulously researched by distinguished Professors at Cambridge and London universities, the Bible Newscasts are inter-denominational. Acclaimed worldwide as an outstanding audio biblical study tool (please see reviews below).

Reviews of our Audio Bible Newscasts

  • The Baptist Times
    “It’s the old, old story – but told like it was new, fresh, vital. Told – in fact – like it was news. Exactly as a first-rate broadcasting station would have covered the story if through some time-slip it has been on the spot. Not gimmicky. Not cheap. Just very, very professional, very, very informative, very, very good.”
    The Baptist Times
  • Atlanta journal
    "An ambitious effort and a fascinating concept."
    Atlanta journal
  • Sydney Morning Herald
    "The newscasts are strikingly professional."
    Sydney Morning Herald
  • Christian Teachers' Digest
    "The information is completely accurate."
    Christian Teachers' Digest
  • Scottish Catholic Observer
    “They are the most exciting thing I have heard in years, and I make no apology for recommending them”
    Scottish Catholic Observer
  • Archbishop of Canterbury
    “May I compliment you on this work . . . imaginative, well-informed and yet reticent. What I have heard impresses me with the fact that it is a very live presentation and a gripping one”
    Archbishop of Canterbury
  • Secretary to the Vatican
    “May I take this opportunity to compliment you on the freshness of this modern approach. The broadcasts certainly make it possible to assimilate, and painlessly, a great wealth of information on the background of the New Testament”
    Secretary to the Vatican
  • Bishop E.B. Clancy, Sydney, Australia
    “It is my pleasure to warmly commend the newscasts in question. It is a brilliant concept. The idea has been implemented effectively and with great finesse”
    Bishop E.B. Clancy, Sydney, Australia
  • Prof. F.F. Bruce, Faculty of Theology, University of Manchester
    “The sense of real-life actuality comes across quite powerfully, both from the on-the-spot accounts of reporters and from the comments of experts in the studio. The skillful way in which the data of distinct Gospels have been woven together to yield a historically and psychologically credible sequence of events is something that calls for sincere congratulations”
    Prof. F.F. Bruce, Faculty of Theology, University of Manchester
  • Council for Christian Education
    “Each news bulletin is extraordinarily faithful to the biblical narrative. It should help students break through the cultural barrier separating them from the Bible”
    Council for Christian Education
  • The Daily Telegraph
    "l have listened to the Bible Newscasts and have found them quite enthralling."
    The Daily Telegraph
  • Greek Orthodox Church
    “The employment of modern techniques and current news idioms provokes great interest. The broadcasts do not show any bias towards any religion and are therefore applicable to the community at large.”
    Greek Orthodox Church
  • Times Educational Supplement
    “Each newscast is attractively presented and holds the attention.”
    Times Educational Supplement

Program Guides - Abraham to King Saul

There are 10 Program Guides – one for each Newscast covering the period from Abraham to King Saul.They are invaluable audio Bible study tools, providing background information and include references to the Bible verses applicable to each captivating audio Bible story from the Old Testament.

Here is an extract from the Program Guide for the “Samson” Newscast:

“One of the most colorful of the biblical figures was Samson – a man of love and war.  The Book of Judges concentrates on his many exploits during his conflict with the Philistines in Gaza.

The Samson account dramatizes the Israel/Philistine conflict.  The Philistines had established a strong presence in their five cities along the Mediterranean coast – and posed a constant military threat to the confederation of Israelite tribes further inland. ” (Extract from the Program Guide for Newscast 8)

Program Guides - The Jesus Newscasts

There are 10 Program Guides – one for each audio Bible Newscast covering the four Gospels and the life and times of Jesus. They are invaluable audio Bible study tools, providing background information and include references to the Bible verse or verses applicable to each Newscast.

Here is an extract from the Program Guide for “The Arrest” Newscast:

“Our newscast opens on the morning following the arrest of Jesus and the night trial before the Sanhedrin court.  Jesus had his last gathering with his disciples in an upper room in Jerusalem. Jesus introduced a new understanding of their Passover meal, interpreting it in terms of his coming death which would bring a redemption even greater than that of the original Exodus from Egypt.

Jesus was arraigned before the Sanhedrin on purely religious charges.  But is was difficult to find an accusation that would stick. . .”  (Extract from the Program Guide for Newscast 18)

Our audio Bible news puts the listener directly back in time to the day when history was news itself.
You will experience the Bible as if it is happening in real time!

Abraham To King Saul

The 10 audio bible newscasts cover the Old Testament period from Abraham to King Saul and the Program Guide contains maps, time-chart and background briefings with biblical references for each newscast providing great Bible study tools.

With the exception of the news format used, the material presented is historically accurate and has been meticulously researched from biblical and Near Eastern sources.

Whilst these are dramatic and exciting audio Bible stories on their own, an attempt has been made to place the biblical events squarely into the context of the Mediterranean world of the day. The time-chart and biblical maps serve as a valuable guide in calling to mind world events contemporary with the Bible.  Religious educators and students of all denominations will find the Bible Newscasts an invaluable and stimulating aid to the teaching and study of the great events of the Bible.

The Jesus Newscasts

The purpose of the 10 New Testament audio bible newscasts is to present the story of Jesus within the context of the world in which he lived. The primary source of information has, of course been the Gospels themselves, but they have been supplemented with information from Josephus, the great historian of that period, and other ancient sources to provide exciting audio Bible stories.

The concept of the Bible Newscasts is to give a sense of immediacy to the biblical events which brings them vividly alive. Therefore, each Newscast assumes no knowledge of what happens next and treats each major biblical event as it unfolds.

Whether the newscasts are used for Bible classes or individual study, the Program Guides, maps of the Holy Land and Jerusalem will be found of great help and interest and make enlightening audio Bible study tools.  It should be stressed that the approach of The Jesus Newscasts is inter-denominational.